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Paramedical Tattooing has been named “The Next Big Business” and if you have tattoo machine experience Jody Stoski is here to teach you how to incorporate paramedical tattooing into your business! We know investing in courses can be a big decision to make, but when you could be adding revenue to your business, expanding your skillset, and helping people heal… it’s a no brainer, right? 

In this FREE COURSE, Jody will help you make a plan to get your first client, and recoup your investment in her paid Paramedical Tattoo Academy courses. Don’t wait, sign-up now!  

FREE *1 year of tattoo machine experience required*

If you’re interested in Paramedical Tattooing and helping cancer survivors put their reminders of radiation treatment in the past, this FREE course is for you!

Radiation Marker Tattoos are used to pinpoint where the radiation therapy x-ray machine should be positioned on the body for radiation therapy. They are tiny black ink spots that can be easily camouflaged to look like a freckle or mole.

FREE *1 year of tattoo machine experience required*

Want to get a taste of Paramedical Tattooing? This FREE Belly Button Camouflage course is the perfect place to dip your toes into what’s being named “The Next Big Industry”. 

Belly button scars are often the results of tummy tuck procedures or other stomach surgeries, and in most cases can be easily camouflaged. Enjoy!

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