In 2020, The Hustle named paramedical tattooing the next big business.

Earlier that year The New York Times published an article, Ink Rx? stating that “needles and pigments are helping medical patients heal emotionally”.

Paramedical tattooing is undoubtedly growing in popularity… But what is it?

Paramedical tattooing means different things to different people, but in it’s core it’s all about healing.

At Jody Stoski Paramedical Tattoo Academy, her clinic Cinnamon Girl Tattoo, and amongst her clients the term “Paramedical Tattoos” and “Healing Tattoos” are synonymous.


relating to services and professions that supplement and support medical work but do not require a fully qualified physician – such as nursing, radiography, emergency first aid, physical therapy, and dietetics, and now tattooing!

Using microneedling and micropigmentation, PMU artists can learn how to camouflage skin irregularities, trauma reminders from medical and elective surgeries, accidents, burns, skin grafts, and totally normal skin conditions like birthmarks, acne, wrinkles, stretchmarks and more.

  • For the client who is sick and tired of the blue radiation marker tattoo they’ve been left with after kicking cancers butt – turn it into a freckle.
  • For the client who has self-harm scars reminding them of a difficult period in their life they’re ready to let go of.
  • For the client who has always hated their large, dark, visible birth mark.
  • For the client who has major scarring after surgery, making them self-conscious and holding them back from full mental recovery.
  • For the client who has deep acne scarring and dreams of softer, smoother skin.
  • For the client who got a body art tattoo lasered off, and the tech burnt their skin.