Let’s go back to the beginning…

After earning my Business Diploma from SAIT and studying at Canada’s #1 Beauty School, Blanche Macdonald, I began my career as a Professional Makeup Artist. I freelanced as “Cinnamon Girl”  in film, fashion, print, television, and weddings.

Through makeup artistry I learned about permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing and pursued my certification from BioTouch Institute, training under Lisa Lam. Lisa was trained as a doctor internationally and treated medical/paramedical cases with tattooing, and it was my honor and privilege to work closely with her.

“In sickness and in health, I believe that when you look good, you really do feel better. Giving people confidence in their own skin is what drives me to be the best, and to always keep learning in the medical and cosmetic tattoo industry.”

When I was recognized for my unique brow stroke technique providing natural-looking brows for alopecia patients, I realized my true passion was not necessarily makeup, but helping people feel confident in their own skin! 

I connected with Dr. Linda Dixon of Kolorsource, another physician working in cosmetic tattooing and was invited to apprentice to further develop my skills in scar camouflage, 3D areola tattooing, and SMP. With all of this education, I opened Cinnamon Girl Clinic

Little did I know, I would be using my scar camouflage skills on myself just a few years after opening Cinnamon Girl Clinic.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and underwent a thyroidectomy. Now I was a member of the community I had previously been helping. I battled depression and anxiety related to my health and my physical appearance.

With a large neck scar after surgery, I felt people’s gaze shift from my eyes to focus on my scar, a constant reminder of the disease I wanted to put behind me. 

So when I was ready, I put my skills to the test on myself, incorporating the scar protocol and revision that I offer to my clients and students today. The profound transformation I experienced first-hand made the terms paramedical tattoo and healing tattoo interchangeable in my life. My doctors could not believe how I was able to camouflage the scar, and I was finally able to move forward and put cancer behind me. Through the illness and healing, I feel as though I redefined myself and solidified my path, purpose, and journey in the paramedical tattoo field.

Now cancer-free, my goal is not only to continue healing through Cinnamon Girl Clinic, but to make paramedical tattoos more widely accessible by sharing my learnings with other PMU artists so they can share them with their clients!

Today, I have treated over 10,000 paramedical and cosmetic patients through Cinnamon Girl Clinic, and the clinics that have welcomed me as a guest artist across Canada. I have partnered with local doctors and plastic surgeons, including Macleod Trail Plastic Surgery and offer information sessions at local hospitals regarding the various options available to those recovering from injury or trauma.

I am proud to be an American Academy of Micropigmentation member and former board member, and work with other industry leaders including Shay Danielle, Sheila Bella, and Hyve Beauty with whom I have partnered to create my own Paramedical Tattoo Supply Kit. 

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