How Jody Stoski is elevating standards in Paramedical Tattooing, as published in New York Finance

“It’s rare to find a profession that lets you explore your true passion of helping others while using your unique skills. Luckily for Jody Stoski, Founder of  Paramedical Tattoo Academy and owner of Cinnamon Girl Clinic, her career allows her to do just that…”

“I have taken two areola tattoo courses previously, but I never felt ready to take on my first client. After completing just the first section of Jody’s course and practicing drawing using her technique… I KNEW I would have the confidence after this course. My sketches went from the ‘pepperoni slice’ to perfection! (Or rather, imperfectly, perfect as Jody teaches)…”

– Student Review of Areolas Uncomplicated 

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