Jody Stoski Paramedical Tattoo Academy Celebrates Milestones of Two Years and 3000 Students amid Growing Global Demand for Paramedical Tattoo Services

“Jody Stoski Paramedical Tattoo Academy, which offers a comprehensive range of courses on scar camouflaging tattoos, is celebrating its two-year milestone. Within this short span of time, more than 3000 students drawn from 40 countries have completed the academy’s online courses on paramedical tattooing. The academy was launched with 3 courses and this number has grown to 7, with two more scheduled to be launched by the second quarter of 2023. The academy’s courses include modules on the camouflaging of scars related to breast surgery, tummy tucks, skin grafts, self harm and the use of microneedling to conceal radiation marker spots and acne. The most recent course that has been launched is one on inkless stretch mark revision to erase stretch marks.”

“This review is for Areolas Uncomplicated. This course was intense with important information specific to each case scenario yet Jody makes is easy to understand and remember. I feel confident to start offering this amazing service now! Don’t hesitate to enroll in her academy, she really is the best! She gives you all the tools and knowledge you will need to succeed in paramedical tattooing. Thanks Jody!”

– Student Review from  Google

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