Paramedical tattooing might be a relatively new concept, but it has been identified as the next big business with many people using such services to solve cosmetic medical issues.

“Conventional tattooing is meant to showcase the artistic ability of the artist and the individuality of the wearer through the use of complex colors and designs. In the case of paramedical tattooing, however, the emphasis is on the skillful use of medical grade ink to conceal scars from surgery, burns or self-harm and make them blend in with the rest of the skin rather than to stand out.”

“I have wanted to transition into paramedical tattooing for a while now. When i came across Jody’s Instagram, I knew that I wanted to learn from her! The online course made it very convenient, and it was very informative! I am looking forward to completing a few more of her trainings. Thank you again!”

– Student Review from  Google

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