These Paramedical Tattoo Before And Afters Are Magic Right Before Your Eyes, as published in Buzzfeed

Jody is now the CEO and founder of Cinnamon Girl Clinic in Calgary, Canada. At this clinic, Jody said she and her team “can camouflage scars, burns, skin grafts, cleft lip surgeries, mastectomy scarring and areola/nipple revision, top surgery patients (gender affirming) scar and areola/nipple revision, vitiligo, and stretch marks. Scars can be from surgeries (tummy tuck, facelift, C-section) or from self-harm injuries, and, of course, accidents. Not all scars can be camouflaged, but many can...”

“I took Jody Stoskis paramedical tattoo bundle course for scars, acne, burns, radiation markers and it was amazing!!!

It was probably one of the best class I’ve ever taken she really goes in depth and she really cares for the customers as you watch her videos she shows her concerns and she’s very thorough and really sweet and has a connection with her clients! Her technique is amazing and she’s very detailed when she talks about each steps! I’ve been in permanent make up for about seven years now and this is probably one of the best classes I’ve taken! I’m so excited to add this onto my services and be able to heal people!!!

She’s also very responsive you can see that she truly cares about her students and her work!!!

Thank you Jody!!!”

– Student Review from  Google

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