FOX NEWS recognizes the power of healing tattoos, and Jody Stoski as a leading trainer for PMU artists to grow the paramedical industry

“This is an amazing service I want more PMU artists to be able to offer. I have found most of the existing training offerings to be very complicated and not leave artists feeling confident to implement the service into their practice. Existing courses also focus mostly on breast cancer, but not the other reasons that people may want these services, for example after a top surgery as related to gender affirmation. The transgender community is one I believe to be underserved and I would like to be a part of making these services more accessible globally to anyone who needs them”…

– Jody Stoski

“I have taken two areola tattoo courses previously, but I never felt ready to take on my first client. After completing just the first section of Jody’s course and practicing drawing using her technique… I KNEW I would have the confidence after this course. My sketches went from the ‘pepperoni slice’ to perfection! (Or rather, imperfectly, perfect as Jody teaches)…”

– Student Review of Areolas Uncomplicated 

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