Jody Stoski LIVE with Marnie Rustemeyer to discuss Billow Pillow

Live with Billow Pillow Boss Marnie Rustemeyer & Paramedical Tattoo Academy Jody Stoski LIVE Following her diagnosis with the BRCA breast cancer gene, a mastectomy, and subsequent reconstructive surgeries Marnie conceived, designed and created the Pillow Billow.

She left a 15-year career on Wall Street to become an entrepreneur and created the first premium sleep enhancement product for women who have trouble sleeping due to discomfort resulting from surgery, nursing, or breast size.

“With Billow, sleeping after breast surgery is luxurious and soothing. The Billow pillow gives you a soft, supportive full body hug to help you rest comfortably. The Billow (breast+pillow) is a pillow specifically designed to provide relief and support to women with breast discomfort resulting from surgery (including mastectomy, reconstructive, augmentation or reduction), nursing and breast size. The Billow is designed to give your breasts and body a soft and supportive post surgery and provide comfort long after.”

Now, she’s a paramedical and cosmetic tattoo artist helping women in different stages of their journeys with breast cancer just like the Paramedical Tattoo Academy creator and educator Jody Stoski, who also faced her own battle with cancer. Join these two boss babes as they chat all things healing with tattoo.