Learn the Art of Camouflage

Acne & Stretch Marks

Course Curriculum

  • Legal Disclaimer
  • Welcome (Video)
  • Introduction to Acne, Stretch Marks, and Radiation Marker Tattoos
  • Introduction to Acne (Video)
  • Client Consultations
  • Acne Consult (Video)
  • Supplies, Needle Configurations, Risks, and Aftercare
  • Accutane vs. Microneedling (Video)
  • Numbing (Video)
  • Acne Microneedling (Video)
  • Pockmark Microneedling (Video)
  • QUIZ
  • Introduction to Stretch Marks (Video)
  • Color Matching
  • Color Matching (Video)
  • Pigments & Dilutions (Video)
  • Ink & Pigment Dilution
  • Stretchmark Consultation (Video)
  • Stretchmark Micropigmentation (Video)
  • Client Aftercare Handout – Skin Camouflage
  • QUIZ
  • Introduction to Radiation Markers (Video)
  • Radiation Marker Case
  • Radiation Marker on Tummy Micropigmentation (Video)
  • QUIZ
  • Thank-You
  • Contact
  • Discounts & Promotional Offers

A minimum of 1 year tattoo machine experience is required.

Designed to be completed over 2-4 hours depending on your learning style, students can expect approximately:


  • 57 SLIDES


Start slowly with acne and stretch marks before jumping into scars! This course can be taken after Paramedical Tattoo Business Basics, and put your tattoo machine to use and open your business to a new client base!

Learn the subtle art of camouflage that includes microneedling and micropigmentation, used to revise and resurface acne scarring, and blend stretch marks with regular skin. Learn from real life consults and cases to cover everything you need to know from what acne is, to how accutane is used. Help men and women alike revise common acne scars and stretch marks. 

Note: It is recommended that this course is taken after Paramedical Tattoo Business Basics where students have prepared to open their business for clients looking to heal after illness, trauma, and surgery. 

Almost everyone has scars. Some remind you of a traumatic event, others might just bother you because they’re in such an obvious place and people always ask what they’re from… 

After taking Jody Stoski’s Scars course I added camouflage services to my clinic and many of my existing clients have already been in for the service. I have camouflaged a burn on the hand from cooking that always bothered one client, breast augmentation scarring that made another client self-conscious, and a large leg scar that prevented another one from wearing shorts. Paramedical tattooing gives me an edge over other cosmetic tattoo clinics and I am so happy I took the course!

You may also take this course as part of a Bundle and save $318!

SAVE 25% when you purchase together, and open your business to the growing market of clients seeking these life-enhancing services. Differentiate yourself from the saturated cosmetic tattoo industry and feel good about offering paramedical tattoo services to help clients heal. 

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